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We are a husband and wife team that have a heart for worship, people, and spreading the message of God’s hope and love. Through a mixture of both original music and songs by popular Christian artists, we create an atmosphere where people can gather together, worship together, and be encouraged. We share personal stories that touch on topics such as broken families, addictions, abuse, pain, and trauma. However, amidst all of those things, the main message that we aim to get across is that:

  1. JOY can be found in even the darkest of circumstances.

  2. FAITH comes from experiencing God’s loving grace.

  3. HOPE comes from the knowledge that you are not alone...God’s got you!


JC Mobile Ministry is exactly that...a mobile ministry. Whether it is leading a Sunday Service, being guest speakers, running an evening service/concert, we are ready to be there for you in whatever capacity you need. Let us share what God has done for us, and let us encourage you that He has a perfect plan for everything.

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